5 weird and wonderful Tokyo cafés worth a visit, perfect for breaking the ice on first dates

Go fishing, do some handicrafts, or just enjoy a nice cuppa with hedgehogs at these delightfully odd cafés.

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Japan to release stamps so cute you’ll want to cuddle your mail!

These stamps may even make overdue bill statements seem less threatening.

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Cute hedgehog cools down like nobody’s watching 【Video】

The adorable little animal shows us how to cool down and melt hearts at the same time.

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Cute hedgehog cup clingers from Japan join you for a drink in seven cute varieties

Drinking is a time for cute company in Japan.

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We visit Japan’s first hedgehog cafe in Roppongi, Tokyo【Pics & Video】

You can now add hedgehogs to the list of cute animals to visit on your next trip to the Japanese capital.

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Hedgehog nail clipping – The cutest form of pet grooming 【Video】

If you’re clumsy, near-sighted, or just timid in general, trimming your nails can be a tension-filled task. Each time you press down on the clippers, a split-second of panic flashes through your mind, as you hope against hope that the pinching edges are going to land on the nail, and not the soft, vulnerable flesh around it.

Being covered with needles, you’d think hedgehogs would be completely comfortable around sharp objects, but it turns out that some of them also find getting their nails trimmed to be a scary couple of minutes, like Japanese pet hedgehog Ebisumaru. But while the ordeal might be harrowing for him, it’s unbearably cute for the rest of us watching this video.

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