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Ghidora and Rodan must be so jealous right now.

Every summer, a pair of rice paddies in Aomori Prefecture’s town of Inakadate transform into giant works of art. By planting various strains of rice which sprout as differently colored plants, the fields become canvasses for gigantic organic illustrations, with characters from Japanese folklore and Hollywood movies making appearances in recent years.

For 2016, the rice field art project is honoring its biggest star yet: Godzilla.

Shin Godzilla (also known as Godzilla: Resurgence) is coming to Japanese theaters later this month, but the King of the Monsters has already appeared in Inakadate. Just as Godzilla has a penchant for suddenly reveals himself in his films, so too did the rice paddy quickly transition from agricultural space to kaiju habitat.

▼ Photo from June 18

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▼ June 23

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▼ June 30

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▼ June 5, with the title Shin Godzilla visible in the film’s official font.

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If you prefer your Japanese entertainment of the dashing-swordsmen, as opposed to the giant-monster, variety, adjacent to Godzilla you’ll find rice art of actors Masao Kusakari and Koji Yamamoto portraying historical TV drama Sanadamaru’s Sanada Masayuki and Idashi Mitsunari.

Hopefully the two stalwart samurai will protect the townspeople if Godzilla gets out of hand.

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Source: Japaaan
Top image: Facebook/田んぼアートの村 いなかだて
Insert images: Inakadate official website

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