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Slip into some Shinji panties or a Kaworu bra with these new intimate anime apparel options.

While Evangelion’s popularity is largely built on a foundation of spectacular giant robots and unflinching psychological analysis, the anime also has a cast of cute girls that have captured the hearts of many viewers. So last year, it wasn’t too shocking when anime fashion label Super Groupies used three of Eva fans’ favorite females as the basis for a trio of bra and pantie sets.

Now, Super Groupies is back with more Evangelion lingerie, but this time inspired by two male characters.

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The first ensemble takes its cues from the plugsuit of series protagonist (and teen boy) Shinji.

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Along with a red ribbon evocative of the detailing on the chest of Shinji’s combat attire, the detailed lace trim is meant to serve as a metaphor for the delicate intricacies of the character’s emotional makeup.

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Alternatively, there’s a lingerie set that incorporates elements of Shinji’s male/alien friend/soulmate Kaworu.

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Instead of lace, the Kaworu set features a stitched pattern referencing Evangelion’s most celebrated and mysterious piece of weaponry, the Spear of Longinus.

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Both sets are made in Japan, with their panties being a nylon/polyurethane blend. The Shinji bra is made from similar material, while the Kaworu one is a mix of nylon and polyester. Domestic orders can be made directly through the Super Groupies website (Shinji here, Kaworu here) for 8,800 yen (US$85) per set between now and July 31, with delivery scheduled for late October.

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