Pretty Cure is here to cure monotony in lingerie design with bra and pantie sets for Cure Black and Cure White.

In recent months, Pretty Cure, the most consistently popular anime in Japan for elementary school-age girls, has found itself in the spotlight as it examines whether boys can be princesses and if girls can fall in love with other girls. Today, though, PreCure (as the franchise is also known) has gone from mature questions about societal norms to mature apparel.

Anime fashion label Super Groupies has just unveiled two sets of PreCure lingerie, one inspired by sporty Cure Black and the other by intellectual Cure White, the magical girl alter egos of schoolgirls Nagisa and Honoka.

▼ Cure Black (center) and Cure White (right)

First up is the Cure Black set, which maintains the character’s image colors of black and pink. The front of the panties feature a unique crossover frill, much like the one on the skirt from the character’s costume.

Also recreated is the heart-shaped crest on Cure Black’s belt, and for just a bit more flash, there’s a detachable charm that dangles from the waistband near the front of the wearer’s right hip.

Moving on to the Cure White set, many of the styling cues are similar, but there are a number of differences that become apparent upon a second look.

For starters, the frills on the Cure White bra are longer and more flowing than on Cure Black’s, and also provide more shoulder coverage.

The Cure White panties also feature a longer skirt section with a straight hem, though they, like the Cure Black panties, come with a detachable charm.

While it might seem a little jarring to see such adult fashion items being based on a kids’ anime, it’s worth noting that Cures Black and White hail from the very first arc of the franchise, Futari wa Pretty Cure, which aired all the way back in 2005. That means that many members of its original fanbase are now full-grown women, and as the extremely successful Sailor Moon lingerie line showed us, there’s plenty of demand for nostalgia-based anime intimate apparel.

Both sets are identically priced at 9,800 yen (US$90) and can be ordered directly from Super Groupies (Cure Black here, Cure White here) between now and July 16, with shipping scheduled for November.

Source: Super Groupies via IT Media
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