Best of all, you can fold your own for just a couple of bucks.

It can be extremely tricky to render anime and manga-style characters in anything other than a 2-D form. The extremely stylized dimensions and proportions of Japanese character design often translate poorly into three-dimensional space, and can result in awkwardlooking CG models and plastic figures.

But Hong Kong-based fan art group Pepasweet has not only handled the 2-to-3-D transition elegantly, it’s done so using the notoriously difficult medium of folded paper.

Japanese Twitter user @nandakaomo noticed Pepasweet’s amazing paper craft being displayed at a fan art event in Hong Kong. The meticulously folded maidens originally hail from Japanese mobile game RPG Shironeko Project.

▼ Excelia and Rapyusel

SP 1

SP 2

▼ Marl

SP 4

▼ Lucce

SP 3

SP 6

▼ Noa

SP 5

▼ Tsukimi

SP 8

SP 7

More of Pepasweet’s amazing craftsmanship can be seen on the group’s Facebook page, but if you’d like to have these lightweight lasses sitting on your shelf, Pepasweet’s do-it-yourself kits can be ordered through online retailer Taobao, with prices ranging from 35 to 40 yuan (US$5.25-$6). Lucce can be found here, with the remaining characters here.

Oh, and if those low prices aren’t enough to entice you…

…the Tsukimi kits moves!

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@nandakaomo
Insert images: Taobao (1, 2, 3, 4) (edited by RocketNews24)

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