These handsome handlers are here to pop your chestnuts.

Thanks to Japanese character novelty snack maker Strike, ladies will now be able to satisfy both their sweet tooth and sweet spot with these boxes of Mukiguri (Peeled Chestnuts), shelled with love by two handsome bishounen (literally “beautiful boy”). The snack’s name makes a double entendre of the Japanese word kuri, which can either mean “chestnut” or a slang term for “clitoris”.

Girls or guys in need of some hottie care and comfort can choose between the shy guy Shun Tojo (pink), who’s there to reassure you that, “It’s all right. There’s nothing to be afraid of,” or the badass Ryo Kanzaki (blue), who confidently asserts, “I’ll take care of you,” promising he knows exactly what you need and where you need it.


The chestnut snack is scheduled to go on sale from October, and will retail for 350 yen (US$3.45) plus tax per box.

Source and insert image: Dream News
Feature/top image: via Wikipedia/Fir0002