Enjoy the upcoming cherry blossom viewing season in style with these beautiful-looking drinks and sweets.

With Starbucks Japan announcing their sakura flavoured drinks and sweets for 2023, it was only a matter of time before the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Tokyo followed suit.

The store, one of the largest Starbucks in the world, is located on the banks of the Meguro River, one of the top spots Japan-wise to get a spot of cherry blossom viewing in. And now, thanks to Starbucks Reserve Roastery’s spring lineup, you can enjoy the sights of the cherry blossom trees lining the riverbank whilst enjoying some cherry blossom flavoured drinks and sweets.

This is the Reserve Roastery’s fourth year of bringing out sakura-flavoured treats, and some familiar favourites are back on the menu this year, as well as a few new drinks and sweets. Let’s take a look at what’s available on the first floor main bar.

Sakura Macchiato — 1,050 yen (US$7.99)

Back on the menu this year is the popular Sakura Macchiato, a smooth-tasting coffee with chocolate syrup and strawberry cream on top, to evoke the image of “cherry blossoms in full bloom, dancing in the wind.”

Barrel Aged Cold Brew — 1,350 yen

Also available on the first floor is this Barrel Aged Cold Brew, Tokyo Roastery’s signature beverage. This drink uses coffee beans that have been aged in bourbon whiskey barrels, and for the first time, it will come with ice with sakura leaf shapes carved into them.

The second floor Teavanna Bar has some sakura inspired drinks, too —

Rose Raspberry & Lychee Tea — 1,100 yen

The Rose Raspberry and Lychee Tea uses the Roastery’s spring exclusive Sakura Allure Tea which, when combined with raspberry puree and lychee juice gives it a gorgeous rose-like aroma, and a sweet yet tangy taste.

Snow Blossom — 1,100 yen

The Snow Blossom combines Sakura Allure Tea with cacao juice, and Goishi tea. Goishi tea is lactic acid fermented tea produced in Kochi Prefecture, and the drink’s look is inspired by the image of snow falling amongst the cherry blossoms. The drink is then topped off with amazake, sweet sake made from fermented rice.

The Roastery’s third floor, the Arriviamo Bar, is where you can find sakura-inspired cocktails.

Arriviamo Frozen Decadent Strawberry — 2,200 yen

Inspired by the Roastery’s Strawberry Mint Oolong Tea, this frozen cocktail drink has a refreshing taste of oolong tea and herbs, as well as a fruity sourness from the strawberries. The drink is topped with fresh strawberries and strawberry foam.

Arriviamo Frozen Serene Strawberry — 2,200 yen

While the concept is similar to the Frozen Decadent Strawberry, this drink contains a little alcohol. The alcohol content is under 1 percent though, so those who aren’t good with alcohol can enjoy this drink.

Arriviamo Serene Irish Coffee — 2,200 yen

Based on Arriviamo’s Irish Coffee, this drink uses a smaller alcohol content, again so that people who aren’t fans of alcohol can enjoy it. The drink’s rich taste is created by using date syrup, giving the coffee a mellow sweetness and deep richness.

As well as drinks, the Roastery is once again teaming up with Italian bakery Princi to create a range of cherry blossom-inspired cakes.

Top right — Loaf Cake Lampone and Ciliege (690 yen)
Top left — Torta Sakura (850 yen)
Centre — Maritozzo Sakura (480 yen)
Bottom right — Cornetti Sakura (490 yen)

All drinks and sweets will go on sale from February 15. As for when the actual, real cherry blossoms will make their appearance, be sure to check the sakura forecast for your local area.

Source, images: PR Times
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