Beautiful Ghibli glass tableware invites Totoro and Ponyo to lunch and tea time this summer【Pics】

Perfect for iced tea, chilled noodles, or however else you want to cool yourself off.

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Gorgeous Japanese sakura and Mt. Fuji drinkware reacts to cold temperatures with beauty

You’ll be spellbound by the spreading springtime colors.

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Celebrate summer in style with a cold drink in these color-changing firework glasses【Video】

You don’t have to be in a crowd to enjoy fireworks this summer!

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Add two more dapper Shiba glasses to your collection with Goodglas’ new Wafuku Nakayoshi Set

They make great gifts as well as interior decoration items!

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Starbucks China now has adorable limited summer products featuring alpacas, raccoons, and sloths

R.I.P wallet!

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Starbucks’ new kitty cherry blossom glass turns into adorable cat’s paw when you pour a drink

Cute glassware has our hearts full of warm fuzzy feelings and deep, deep jealousy.

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“Edo-kiriko” glasses from Starbucks too expensive? Try these colorful versions instead!

“Edo-kiriko” glasses from Starbucks are gorgeous — but also way too expensive. So we got to wondering: Can you get similar gorgeous designs for more reasonable prices?

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From trash to usable work of art – used wine bottles transformed into beautiful glassware!

Okay, we have good news for wine lovers who feel guilty about creating lots of trash by opening all of those wine bottles. See the picture above? Yes, you guessed it – used wine bottles are now being made into beautiful glassware! Isn’t this a great, eco-friendly way to recycle wine bottles? I, for one, definitely wouldn’t mind having such nice looking plates at home. Read More