This beautiful new doll comes with a number of cute details that anime fans will love.

From No Face piggy banks that gobble up coins to green tea sourced from Totoro’s forest, acclaimed animation house Studio Ghibli has been thrilling us all with their new limited edition merchandise recently.

Now it’s time to dig deep into our pockets again, this time for a special product that’s being produced in collaboration with Takara Tomy, the makers of Licca-chan, a Japanese doll that’s just as popular here as Barbie is overseas.

This is no ordinary Licca-chan, though; this one has been crafted in the image of Sheeta, the female protagonist from Ghibli’s 1986 film Laputa: Castle in the Sky.

The high quality doll is a faithful reproduction of the original anime character, complete with two different outfits that match her on-screen wardrobe. With two long plaited pigtails and an orange headband, Sheeta can be dressed up in her blue dress, complete with underwear and a tiny replica of the all-important blue aetherium crystal, which has been sculpted with incredible attention to detail.

Another one of Sheeta’s on-screen outfits, a pair of billowy pink pants and a yellow top, comes included in the set, and while she doesn’t come with any kitchen accessories, you can always create your own setup to look like the mess hall from the Tiger Moth pirate ship.

According to Takara Tomy, the Sheeta doll has a gentle expression, but behind the eyes is a quiet strength, just like the character from the movie.

Takara Tomy is currently accepting pre-orders for the doll, which retails for 10,584 yen (US$95.87), with deliveries scheduled for the end of November.

That means it won’t be too long before our Kiki doll from Kiki’s Delivery Service has another friend to play with!

Images: Takara Tomy Mall ©Studio Ghibli
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