Because the best way to express your thoughts is through kittens with wide-eyed faces and playful poses.

Felissimo, Japan’s premier online retailer of cute cat-themed goods, is continuing to appeal to all our feline-loving needs by bringing out a new line of cat stamps featuring illustrations by manga artist Rinrin Yamano. Known for her adorable kitty drawings, Yamano previously collaborated with Felissimo on a line of band-aids, and now she’s back with a lineup of 24 new cats, all with adorable expressions purr-fect for the home or office.

▼ Clockwise (from top left): OK; NG (No Good); Ganbare (do your best/keep at it); Otsukare (well done/thanks for your hard work); Nemui (sleepy); Tsukareta (tired); Kaname chekku (check required); Kyuu (urgent).


▼ Clockwise (from top left): Love; Good; Omedetou (congratulations); Pu (sigh); Makaseru (entrust); Onegai (request); Juuyou (important); Hi (secret).


▼ Clockwise (from top left): Ki ni naru (care about); Wakaru (understood); Oshirase (notice), Lightbulb (idea); Tears; Do (angry); Gomen (sorry); Arigatou (thank you).

The cat stamps are currently available from Felissimo for 861 yen (US$7.58) for a set of two, with one set released each month over the span of a year.


And if you like Yamano’s manga cats, they’re also available on a series of new T-shirts from Felissimo for 2,854 yen each.


Although we can’t guarantee your kitty will be happy to compete for your affections with an adorable printed cat!


Source, Images: Felissimo (1, 2)