Last week, Japan was buffetted by dust-flinging devils winds leading to many a cancelled event, toppled bicycle, and… a flying hairpiece

Spring has sprung in Japan and with the falling of the cherry blossom petals come other delights – such as hay fever and gale-force winds. Last week, strong winds caused mayhem with many taking to Twitter to share snaps of collapsed bicycles, destroyed umbrellas, and um… errant hairpieces!

“I witnessed a tragedy as a result of the strong winds”.

▼ As this Tweeter points out, that thing looks like a freaking monster.

Another unfortunate byproduct of the devil winds (that are actually still going on right now, on and off) is the fact that, as mentioned above, their coming coincides with hay fever (kafun in Japanese) season. Pollen from the country’s many cedar trees is a major health concern in Japan and this year has said to be an especially bad one, with many people developing the allergy who previously were unaffected. With pollen allergy affecting roughly 20 percent of the Japanese population, no one’s happy that these super-weird winds are whirling up cyclones of pollen dust that have fallen and settled on the concrete surfaces of towns and cities. Bald heads can be re-thatched with fresh wigs, (or perhaps re-grown with curry or wasabi) but the nasal passages of kafunsho victims will remain under siege until the pollen season ends sometime around June.

Source: Twitter/@bosa2_
Featured image: Pakutaso