You’ll never be lonely burning the midnight oil with one of these exhausted kitties diligently working by your side!

For years now, the team at Kitan Club have been putting their heads together in their creative lab, coming up with ideas for tiny toys that combine usefulness and craziness with a heap of adorable charm. Following their success with drink bottle underpants, mobile phone futons and pollen keychains,  they’ve now come up with another zany concept: little cardboard desk clocks manned by cats drooling with exhaustion to keep people company as they work late into the night.

There are five designs to collect in the All Night Cat Watch toy series, and each one displays a fondness for a particular fruit box. This black cat takes up a seat at a Japanese melon box.


▼ While this one works at a purple-coloured grape box.


This cat looks just like the little kitty from the popular Japanese money-saving box toy! While that feline hides inside a plastic mikan mandarin box, poking its hand out to pull coins inside, this one drools outside it, wishing for a more simple kind of life.


The white cat at the peach box desk displays his earnest dedication to work with a headband that says “Zenryoku“, or “All One’s Energy”.


This grey tabby sits at an apple box with a headband that says “Hissho” or “Certain Victory”, expressing the kitty’s desire to win and never give up.


With such hardworking cats by your side, studying late or working into the wee hours is now a little less lonely and a whole lot more fun!


The cute toys retail for 300 yen (US$2.90) each and can be found at gachapon vending machines across the country from 28 October.

Source, images: Kitan Press Release

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