But what does the dog think about the solution? His face says it all…

When Yusuke Yamamoto received the picture of his dog out on a walk with his father, he assumed it would be a typical kind of snap; one where the dog is trotting along happily on a leash. Instead, he got this:

No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is an Ethernet cable being used as a leash.

Yusuke insists his dad is no fool, though. It’s not that his dad had mistaken the cable for a leash, he explains, it’s that he had forgotten the leash at home and found the next best thing.

The dog, however, looks like it thinks there might have been a better alternative…

Yusuke’s dog isn’t the only one having a rough week, though. A couple of parrots were longing for their owners’ attention so much that they started imitating household items to garner some affection! I guess the internet really isn’t just for watching cute cat videos.

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Source: BuzzMag
Featured Image: Twitter/Yusuke