Crazy cheap cosplay at Daiso? How to transform into Dragon Ball’s Vegeta at the discount shop

This cosplay outfit is way UNDER 9,000 (yen)!

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Never fear, humans: Frieza and Vegeta pledge to destroy coronavirus and save Earth once again

“I, the great Frieza, will smash the inferior life force known as coronavirus to smithereens!”

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We attend one of Japan’s most important press conferences this year, dressed as Vegeta【Photos】

We send Dragon Ball’s anime prince to listen to important businessmen talk about important business stuff.

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Talented illustrator gives cast of Dragon Ball characters amazing samurai warlord makeovers

We never thought a sword-wielding Goku and ninja Trunks would look so cool.

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For the Dragon Ball fan who has everything: A gold super Saiyan Goku pendant with diamond hair

Anime’s most famous martial artist enters his ultimate-bling form, and so does one of his many rivals-turned friends.

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Trailer for “Dragon Ball Super: Broly” promises a show filled with unforgettable turbocharged battles

Featuring the universe’s most powerful and fearsome Super Saiyan to date.

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Dragonball Z’s SSJ Vegeta fights mech suit girl in this epic episode-length stop motion【Video】

This DBZ fan took a Super Saiyan Vegeta figure and choreographed it through an awesome fist-smashing bout with Symphogear protagonist Hibiki.

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Action figure stop-motion clip pits Goku against Vegeta in fight of Saiyan proportions【Video】

Forget the times when extended battles in the anime took up 10 episodes. This is where the fun’s at.

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Vegeta struggling to find work under Abenomics

If an interplanetary warlord can’t land a job in this economy what hopes do the rest of us have?

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Anime fan Halloween costume planning is now done thanks to cardboard Dragon Ball Z battle armor

Whether you’re a kid experiencing the martial arts classic for the first time, or a Vegeta-loving veteran fan with a receding hairline, you’ll look great in these.

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See the proud prince of the Saiyans tremble with fear … literally!【Video】

Bandai’s next Dragon Ball figure will be of Vegeta, the fiercely proud Saiyan Prince, and yes, he really will be shaking (or vibrating, actually) with fear!

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Her cosplay power is over 9000! Japan mesmerized by American cosplayer Megan Coffrey【Photos】

After all of the amazing cosplay we saw at the recent Comiket 88 event in Tokyo, it’s easy to forget that there are some great cosplayers on the other side of the world too, much closer to home for many of us.

And one such cosplayer who has been getting a lot of Japanese attention recently is Megan Coffey from the U.S. She has been praised for not only her startlingly accurate depictions of numerous female characters, but her creative portrayal of a certain male Saiyan as well.

Does she give one of your favorite characters a 3-D makeover? Read on to find out!

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Japanese Internet users react to Super Saiyan MMA fighter Ronda Rousey

In the world of professional fighting, there are any number of big names and talented fighters who are a joy to watch. But without question one of the biggest names, particularly in mainstream media, is Ronda Rousey. She’s become the leading icon of women’s MMA, and, some might argue, for MMA in general. With her impressive record, she’s captured the imagination and hearts of fans around the world.

And considering her status, it’s hardly surprising that someone has given her the Super Saiyan treatment! But how have Japanese Internet users reacted to seeing the fighter “enhanced” with the imagery of one of the most popular anime ever?

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Awesome Dragon Ball illustrated opinion sheet at university co-op gets equally artistic answer

Universities in Japan typically have a co-op (seikyo) system offering various services to students, including on-campus stores where a wide range of products, from box lunches to everyday stationery items and even electronic appliances in some cases, can be purchased.

It so happens that at these shops, communication between students and the shop staff is encouraged, in particular through opinion sheets which students can fill in with requests or questions. These sheets are usually posted on a message board in the shop with the staff’s response, and one particular opinion sheet containing a very artistically presented request and an equally visually impressive reply has recently been shared on Twitter to the amusement of many internet users.

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Rapping Vegeta is over 9,000 levels of awesomeness

Dragon Ball fans are truly hardcore. Some fans express their love for the series by creating homemade animation videos complete with animated family members. Others perform elaborate raps while cosplaying as their favorite characters, as in the YouTube video “Battleful Days.” Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see Vegeta, Frieza, Piccolo, and Yamcha rap? Now’s your chance! For your ease of comprehension, we have compiled a full translation of the lyrics to the rap featured in this video. Enjoy!

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