Mental reassurance has never looked cuter.

As a manga artist, Yu Tsurusaki spends most days trying to create something that people will want to look at. Recently, though, she literally didn’t have to lift a finger in getting people’s attention.

Tsurusaki (whose recent works include the manga adaptation of the Jun Maeda-written anime Charlotte) is the owner of a pretty cute cat, of whom she recently shared a video with her Twitter followers. As shown in the adorable clip, Tsurusaki’s furry friend apparently decided that there was a better use for her hand than drawing.

Like pretty much all mammals, cats can find the act of suckling to be soothing and reassuring, and so Tsurusaki’s pet commandeered her index finger for use as a pacifier. During the 30-plus-second clip, it shows no sign of losing interest in its owner’s digit, and indeed, Tsurusaki says that unless she pulls away, the animal is content to do this all day.

Amid myriad cries of “So cute!” and “So jealous!” from other Internet users also came a handful of questions as to whether or not this hurts, what with the loud noise being made by the cat’s sucking. Tsurusaki says, though, that aside from some very infrequent brushes with the animal’s teeth, it doesn’t hurt as all, since it’s not biting, just sucking (albeit with considerable force). There is one downside to the experience, though. “The inside of its mouth stinks so bad,” reveals Tsurusaki, “but it’s still cute.”

We fully agree on that last point, and since tweets remain strictly an audio/video medium, we can’t find a single thing not to like about this video.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@hatori_niwatori

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