The tri-nation crossover has our stomachs growling already.

KFC makes no attempt to hide its regional roots in Japan, where the chain is popularly known among fans of fast food and fried bird as just “Kentucky.” Still, KFC Japan feels no compunction over roaming beyond the culinary borders of the chain’s original location, and we can thank that attitude for such Japan-exclusive offerings as KFC’s frozen green tea dessert drinks, deep-fried soup croquettes, and karaage bento boxed lunches.

The inspiration for KFC Japan’s latest bout of exuberant innovation still comes from KFC’s home continent of North America, but originates quite a bit south from the state of Kentucky in the U.S.A.’s neighbor to the south, Mexico.

Starting September 27, KFC Japan will be adding the Crunchy Boneless Kentucky Spicy Mexican Flavor to its menu. Seasoned with a different variety of herbs and spices from the Colonel’s original 11, the new flavor promises an extra-fiery kick. As for the crunch, that comes from the Spicy Mexican Flavor’s unique coating: corn flakes.

While corn flakes are a pretty common accent for parfaits and other ice cream desserts in Japan, this is the first time we’ve ever seen them used as part of the breading for fried chicken. Still, corn flakes are a starch, just like bread crumbs, and this might be a way to create a crisp outer layer while still leaving the meat itself tender and juicy.

The Crunchy Boneless Kentucky Spicy Mexican Flavor is priced at 270 yen (US$2.40) per piece, and will be available for a limited time.

Sources: Entabe, PR Times
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