”How can we get more chocolate in our eggs?” is a question we’d never have thought to ask, but we sure are glad this Japanese company did.

Last year, the great minds at Japanese confectioner Bourbon gave us sliced chocolate, thereby making chocolate sandwiches a possibility. Now, another Japanese food company, Ajigen, is about to bring humanity one step closer still to achieving absolute bliss by giving us the means to make chocolate eggs.

And just to be clear, we’re not talking about oblong Easter chocolates or a sauce that you drizzle onto your eggs after you’re finished cooking them. Nope, Choco Tama, as the product is called (tamago being the Japanese word for “egg”) lets you make actual fried eggs with their chocolate flavoring cooked into them from the start of the cooking process.

▼ The Choco Tama package


All you have to do is open the packet, pour the enclosed mixture of cocoa mass, cocoa powder, cocoa butter, and powdered milk into a bowl, mix in two eggs, and fry them in a pan. While Ajigen specifically recommends using Choco Tama to make tamagoyaki (the scrambled egg-like omelet like that featured in egg sushi), it should work with Western-style scrambled eggs just as well.

▼ Choco Tama is also perfect for cute character bento boxed lunches


Apparently Ajigen struck upon the idea for Choco Tama when trying to think up a way to make tamagoyaki, already popular with kids, even more appealing to tykes. We’d argue, though, that the glory of chocolate eggs is something people of all ages can appreciate. We’ll all get our chance when Choco Tama goes on sale October 15, priced at 300 yen (US$2.90) for a pack. Oh, and if you’re thinking Choco Tama looks like an awesome souvenir to bring back from your next trip to Japan, you’ll be happy to know that its contents are sealed tightly enough that they have a shelf life of several months, meaning you can share them with friends and family once you’re back home.

Source: Entabe, @Press
Images: @Press

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