Female characters also join ramen/cooking promotion for first time.

As the two biggest players in the instant ramen industry, Japanese companies Nissin and Maruchan are destined to be rivals. So while we saw Nissin release a line of AR anime girl-enhanced ramen earlier this fall, now it’s Maruchan’s turn to appeal to hungry otaku and fujoshi with the third installment of its Voice Recipe project.

Coming one year after the last iteration, Voice Recipe 3’s spotlight shines most brightly on the four handsome members of DonPuri4, an idol singing quartet portrayed by A-list anime voice actors.

By going to the Voice Recipe website and entering a code found on packages of Maruchan Nama Ramen noodles, the finely featured young men will offer vocal encouragement as you follow the site’s recipes for sprucing up your noodles with other ingredients and seasonings.

▼ Happy-go-lucky Hikaru Higashimizu (voiced by Daisuke Ono) will help you with preparing ginger pork ramen.


▼ The King of the Ramen Idols, Bonito Misaki (Tetsuya Kakihara), and vegetable fish stock tsukemen (dipping ramen)


▼ Rikiya Domen (Shunsuke Takeuchi), the central pillar of the DonPuri4, and basil margarita ramen


▼ The Internet Ramen Prince, Hajime Kuromine (Natsuki Hanae), and camembert tofu ramen


In addition, there are team-up recipes that allow for even more pairings of ingredients and characters.

▼ Grilled chicken and seared vegetables


▼ Seafood and green onions


Also part of Voice Recipe 3 are twin sisters Yukiri and Renge Okamochi (voiced by Ayane Sakura and Miyuki Sawashiro, respectively) who get their family name from the metal container ramen restaurants in Japan use when making home deliveries.

▼ The siblings’ recipes are for Korean-inspired jjigae-style ramen and karaage (Japanese fried chicken) ramen.


There’s even a relationship chart for the characters, with blank spots to insert yourself as a manager at their talent agency, called Naruto Productions (named after the swirl of fish sausage often added to bowls of ramen).


The Voice Recipe 3 promotion runs until January 31, and you can find its website right here.

Source: PR Times
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