There’s only a limited time to catch it, though!

Every year we look forward to Mister Donut’s Pokémon doughnut range, which has become a fixture on the sweets scene each end-of-year holiday season.

This year, the super-popular Pikachu doughnut is making a return, with a snowy white version in tow, but that’s not the only Pokémon to grace our palates this season.

▼ This year, for the first time ever, Mister Donut is creating a doughnut in the shape of Jigglypuff!

Like the Pikachu doughnuts, Jigglypuff is filled with a whipped cream centre, but that’s where the similarity stops, because this adorable sweet is coated in strawberry chocolate. The Pokémon’s little tuft of hair is created with a swirl of whipped cream to give it a 3-D look, and those charming eyes and ears are made with chocolate pieces.

Jigglypuff is known as “Purin” (“Pudding”) in Japan, but there’s no mention of any purin flavours in its creation, which is odd, given that the Pikachu doughnut is covered in a yellow, purin-flavoured chocolate coating.

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The chain uses Jigglypuff’s Japanese name in its description, introducing it as “Purin, a Pokémon that sings a pleasant song“. Personally, we think they missed a great marketing opportunity to sell some of the Pikachu doughnuts with their eyes closed, to create the illusion that Jigglypuff has sent some of them to sleep, but given the trouble they had in making the Pikachu doughnuts look cute in the first place, they’re probably less inclined to fiddle with the design.

Here’s hoping Jigglypuff looks as adorable in real life as it does in the photos, because let’s face it, with two big round eyes and a raised swirl between them, a lot can go wrong here.

The new Jigglypuff doughnut will retail for 291 yen (US$2.10) for takeout customers and 297 yen for dine-in, and will be available at Mister Donut stores nationwide from 1 December until the end of the year.

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