So, how fast do you think you can stir up a plate of fried rice? This ad tries to do it in 10 seconds!

Japanese food manufacturer Hamaotome, which specializes in condiments such as seaweed, sesame, and dried furikake (rice seasoning powder), recently released a unique web video advertising their line of “Mix and Cook Fried Rice-style Powder (Mazekomi Chahan-fu) products.


All you need to do is simply mix the powder with cooked white rice, and you get a fried rice-flavored dish without ever getting out a frying pan.

Okay, so technically, there isn’t any frying involved. But if you can get a dish that tastes like fried rice in a matter of seconds, then we have to say that’s quite impressive. But can it really be done in 10 seconds?

Yup, exactly 10 seconds!  They apparently wanted to emphasize how quick and easy it is to cook with the instant powder, and we think they’ve succeeded there.

▼  In the video, they start the 10-second countdown from when the rice is scooped from the cooker into the bowl. The man in the video, by the way,is not an actor, but a regular employee of the Hamaotome company.


▼ Here’s the end result, which looks pretty tasty, actually.


The instant fried rice powder comes in three flavors, chashu (barbecue pork), pork kimchi, and gomoku (various mixed ingredients), all priced at 130 yen (US$1.20) a package and available at supermarkets across Japan. It might not be the same as fried rice straight from the frying pan of a skilled Chinese chef, but hey, you can’t complain about a dish that you can whip up in 10 seconds, right?

Source: @Press via Narinari.com
Top image: @Press
Insert images: Hamaotome, @Press