Why settle for two separate dishes when you can have both in the same bowl?

Popular Japanese instant noodle brand Peyoung has been churning out packages of quick and cheap meals for decades, catering to the hungry masses and even those who prefer a bit of fancy gold dust on their noodles.

The latest product in the Peyoung line comes in the form of frozen sobameshi, which consists of fried rice and traditional yakisoba cut short for easy consumption. Although released back in March this year and made available only in Kanto and Tohoku regions initially, it is still rarely seen in supermarkets, eventually causing the Peyoung Sobameshi to attain a near-legendary status among instant food enthusiasts.

And so Japanese-language reporter Takashi Harada could not believe his eyes when he found a packet (278 yen, US$2.60) at the local store, quickly snatching it up before other grabby fingers could snatch it.

▼ “This is mine, all mine,” he cackled, rubbing hands together as if finding buried treasure.

Tearing the packaging open to reveal frozen bits and pieces inside, Harada barely resisted the urge to scoop a handful into his mouth just for a taste.

▼ Something told him he might end up with broken teeth if he did.
It looked delicious though.

Our peckish reporter heated up the contents in his trusty microwave, and though the instructions said the frying pan was also an option, Harada’s impatience and hunger dictated his course of action. The savory smell emanating from the microwave already made his mouth water.


Analyzing the sobameshi in front of him with critical eye and tongue honed through years of consuming instant food, Harada noted that its yakisoba sauce maintained Peyoung’s unique blend of aromatic spices.

▼ Delicious! A great snack when you’re just too lazy to go out.

A bit of spiciness in the sobameshi also ensured that things never got boring, but a few extra pieces of vegetables, meat or seafood thrown in would have lifted this dish to another level.

The Peyoung Sobameshi is now available nationwide and found in most supermarkets, and considering you can get 420 grams (15 ounces) of delicious yakisoba and fried rice for just 278 yen, this instant meal is as cheap and filling as it gets. Here’s hoping they will eventually supersize it like what they did with their noodles.

Source: Maruha Nichiro
Top image: Maruha Nichiro
Insert images: ©SoraNews24

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