Perfect for any music-loving Zelda and Link cosplayers out there.

For years now, cat ear headphones have been all the rage when it comes to out-of-the-ordinary ways to listen to music on the go. But now it seems like something potentially stranger, and cooler, is popping up online.

Chinese online shop Taobao has recently released earbuds that have ear extensions attached, turning any set of plain old ears into long, pointy magical elfin ones.

▼ “I have a quest for you to complete:
find the seven magical earbuds and bring them to me.”


The official name of the headphones is “Spirit E666” and they’re available for 99 yuan (US$14) online. There’s not much information on the quality of the sound they produce, but given the low price, it’d probably be best to keep hopes low. These are more of a fashion accessory than high-end headphones.

▼ The earbuds aren’t wireless – they have cords – so you’ll need flowing locks
like the model if you want to conceal the fact that you’re not actually an elf.


▼ When the beat drops….


▼ You can always try covering up the pink cord
with a twig of magical berries though.


▼ Here’s a slightly more realistic photo
of what the earbuds would look like.


▼ It does make it look like you’re just a modern elf
trying to fit into modern society.


▼ “Hey listen!”
“Whoa, was that Navi? Oh, no, it was just my earbuds.”


Here’s what Japanese netizens think of the elf-phones:

“Ooh, I want these!”
“These can be elf or orc ears depending on who wears them.”
“Yeah what if you don’t have perfect pink skin like the models?”

“They’d become goblin ears on my ugly face.”
“Wait, if these get popular, does that mean we’ll be surrounded by elves everywhere?”

Hey, better to be surrounded by elves everywhere than people wearing bugs in their ears. Although we do have to ask, would an ear-cleaning lady ask you to remove them before getting down to business?

Source: Taobao via My Game News Flash
Images: Taobao