They must spend a fortune on cleaning solution.

In most installments of this series, we’re dealing with some situation that looks cooler in anime than it does in real life. That discrepancy is pretty logical, since animation gives creators complete control over the visual environment, and being unbound from reality allows anime characters to look impossibly stylish.

However, even if they don’t have to match their real-world counterparts, there are times when the various elements of an anime world still have to mesh with each other. Unfortunately, the complete control animators have over the look of their characters and settings means that things which, in reality, would develop organically in accordance with one another are, in anime, actually crafted separately, which can led to some eye-poppingly unusual results.

For example, as Japanese Twitter user @baccano0126 points out, appropriately sized contact lenses for anime characters would be absolutely huge.

In real life, the last segment of your finger is roughly the size of the exposed portion of your eyeball, and a contact lens can sit easily on your fingertip. However, anime’s signature design element, dramatically oversized eyes, aren’t coupled with extra-large hands. For especially doe-eyed character designs, effective contact lenses for them would be closer to the characters’ palms. The alternative, matching the lens’ size to the character’s fingertip (as seen in the bottom right of the image shared by @baccano0126) makes the lens barely big enough to fit over the pupil.

▼ Not as extreme an example as the ones above, but still much larger than a real human’s contact lens.

Wearing such large contact lenses has to put an incredible strain on the characters’ eyes, so maybe it’s no wonder that some of them just choose to wear glasses instead.

Source: Hamster Sokuho, Twitter/@baccano0126

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