These people might not have a green thumb, but their results are much cuter.

Around this colder time of the year there isn’t much that gardeners can do when their plants wither away or go into dormant phases for the winter. But as the weather cools, some lucky gardeners happen to notice something different in their pots.

Taking a closer look, they see it has some heft and an array of colors. Is it some sort of cross pollination with a neighbor’s plant? Finally, up close, they see what has set up shop in their flower pots.

It’s cats! Could anything be cuter than a group of felines curled up in the mess of soil and failed greenery? @pkb5648, the Twitter user who posted the above, joked that the only thing she was able to grow on her veranda was a horde of cats. Other Twitter users quickly joined in with a chorus of, “Hey, me too!”

“They’ve popped up in my planters too.”

“With enough fertilizer, water and sunlight,
I grew this cute thing – a potted cat!”

“A cat sprouted out of my pot.”

You are unlikely to find these variety of plants in a store. Although you might find them in a free range, all organic local farmer’s market.

“How lucky! I have a cat growing out of my potted plants too!”

“This happens to me all the time. I’ve even seen the cat
get into a hanging potted plant I had over the front door.”

As for why a cat might enjoy an outdoor flower pot to nap in over any other available space, there might be a couple of reasons. The first is that when sunlight hits the rocks and dark soil, it creates a very warm surface to plop down in. The second is that cats feel protected in objects that surround their body, so a flower pot with a little lip all around them is purr-fect! If potted cats are the only thing you have to show for a year of gardening, we must admit, that’s still pretty impressive.

And best of all, the coveted potted cat blooms every year, as evidenced by some similarly adorable photos taken last year.

Source: Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@sruxtix