McDonald’s ushers in the New Year with a special bag filled with discount coupons, a blanket, a cushion, and even a pair of gloves!

With limited-edition merchandise featuring the likes of Doraemon, Mario, and Pikachu accompanying their Happy Meal sets throughout the year, McDonald’s Japan knows how to lure customers to its golden arches. But what about those customers who have a fascination with the fast food chain itself? That’s where the annual New Year’s fukubukuro “lucky bag” comes in, offering fans the chance to receive some rare, limited-edition McDonald’s merchandise. After getting our hands on the McDonald’s lucky bag last year, we ventured out to see if this year’s bag was as good as the last one, and we’re happy to report it was even better than we expected it to be!

▼ 3,000 yen (US$25.56) gets you all this plus a pack of coupons.


The coupons offer a 3,270 yen discount in total on a variety of menu items, although they all have to be used within a short time period, by 28 February. Still, if you’re able to get all your money back by using up all the coupons, that means everything else in the bag is a free added bonus!




▼ Merchandise in the bag this year comes in the form of bright red-and-yellow goods, all dedicated to the “golden crispy fries”from McDonald’s.


▼ There’s a sturdy carry bag, with a cute pop art-style design…


▼ A soft and cushiony pack of fries…


▼ A small blanket…


▼ A box of tissues…


▼ And a cute pair of gloves that transforms your fingers into golden fries!


While this is one of the most unusual lucky bags we saw this year, it’s also one of the hardest to get, seeing as they’re not available in all stores. Some bags even went on sale just before New Year’s Day, meaning they’re more than likely to be sold out at the locations where they were available. If you do manage to come across one of these, count yourself lucky and don’t hesitate to make the purchase – it’ll be another year before these are available again!

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