For fans of the girlish hairstyle, it’s like Christmas in February, with twintail cosplay photos on the Internet taking the place of presents under the tree.

One of the most gut-wrenching feeling in adult life is when you get so caught up with work and other daily distractions that you forget to properly observe some important date. You neglect to call your mom and her birthday and see how she’s been doing because you had a social engagement that day, or you stick around the office to button up a project because it slipped your mind that your kid’s football team is playing a night game that day which you promised you’d be there to watch.

We’re only human here at RocketNews24, and so sometimes we too are guilty of such regrettable transgressions. For example, last year February 2 came and went, and we completely forgot to celebrate Twintail Day by appreciating all the photos from Japanese models and cosplayers sporting the double-tailed hairstyle.

Well not this year! We made sure we were ready and waiting on February 2, so that we wouldn’t miss out on fashion model Aya Kawasaki, among others, showing off her twintail look.

▼ Two tails in three photos from Miss Kawasaki

Also participating in this year’s festivities was bikini model Jun Amaki, more commonly known for impressive symmetry that has nothing to do with her hairstyle.

With twintails being particularly popular among the otaku community, many of those gathering their hair into two bunches are cosplayers or idol singers, with the former group represented by Akira Itsuki



…and Atumin Detsu, who even tossed a little Zootopia into the mix.

Meanwhile, Twintail Day’s idol singer constituency was made up of vocalists including Dempagumi Inc.’s Mirin Furukawa

…NMB48 member Eriko Jo

…and rock band Band-Maid singer/guitarist Miku Kobata.

With February 2 almost over in Japan, the stream of twintail photos making their way to social media in Japan is starting to slow down, but the celebration will return again in 12 months’ time. If you’re worried about missing it, we recommend circling February 2 on your calendar. As a matter of fact, considering the reminder is for Twintail Day, go ahead and circle it twice.
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