You may not have known, but February 2 was Twin Tail Day in Japan. Silly as it may sound, this day commemorating the pigtail hairstyle is in fact an official day recognized by the Japan Anniversary Association. The date, 2/2, was chosen because the shape presented by hair done up in a twin tail style resembles the number “2”. There are few traditions associated with this strange holiday, but the most common is to post pictures of yourself wearing your hair in pigtails on Twitter. Let’s take a look at just a few of the top trending pictures of girls celebrating Twin Tail Day. You’re welcome.

moumellImage: mou_mell

mtmtrik2Image: mtmtrik

ooasaaaaImage: ooasaaa

chaellnImage: chaelln

mikarinImage: mikarin0505

mtmtrikImage: mtmtrik

popochanImage: popochan318

que2780Image: Que2780

sakichan0410Image: saki_chan0410

therealpikaImage: therealPiika

lesprosrioImage: lespros_rio

mam1111Image: mam_11_11

momobakobakoImage: momobakobako

nakaharatomonaImage: nakaharatomona

sayanyanImage: sasasasasayayan

annaintheseaImage: anna_inthesea

ayapomxoxoImage: ayapomxoxo

kirarihinazukiImage: kirari_hinazuki

aoigondouImage: Aoi_Gondou

chanmomochanImage: chanmomochan

elaizaikd2Image: elaiza_ikd

momomelo0526Image: momomelo_0526

ryotaImage: _ryo__ta_

ysandesuImage: Ysan_desu_

yukamio1Image: yukamio1

yurapkImage: yurapk

elaizaikdImage: elaiza_ikd

▼ Guys are welcome to join in the fun too!

Luo729Image: Luo729

One day simply isn’t enough for such a fantastic display of youth and cuteness! If you haven’t had enough of adorable twin tail girls, follow the Twin Tail Association of Japan on Twitter for more lovely pictures!

Source: Zhaizhai News
Top image: KanFuruya on Twitter