The latest themed edition for the Nintendo Switch console has fans hoarding bells frantically for the chance to grab one!

There’s all kinds of juicy, exciting goodies that carry the cursed message: “Only sold in Japan”. Nintendo has been especially guilty of inciting overseas saltiness by putting everything from the consoles themselves to snappy color variants and merchandise behind a region lock.

European and American Animal Crossing fans can rest easy this time, though: Nintendo’s newest themed Switch console, the 32GB Nintendo Switch Animal Crossing Special Edition, is available both inside and outside of Japan.

▼ The Japanese and European editions feature a download code for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

The console’s style is beautifully in keeping with Animal Crossing: New Horizonsisland getaway aesthetic, pairing a cream-colored charging station emblazoned with pastel Nook characters with JoyCon controllers in a brand new palette: ocean blue and pale sea-glass green.

The Switch itself also has a decorative pattern on its back, paying tribute to the chunky silhouettes and cutesy accessories that make the game so charming.

▼ The back of each JoyCon and their wrist grips match the sandy cream color of the charging dock.

▼ The Switch’s back is a treat to behold!

American fans can purchase the set early on March 13 for US$299.99. This is because the American set comes only with the console and its accessories, not a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons itself. The game will go on sale on March 20 after a delay from its original announced target release of 2019, which is when Japanese and European versions of the Switch set will hit stores.

The Japanese Switch set is priced at 35,960 yen (US$332) plus tax, and the European version at GB£319.99 (US$423).

Meanwhile, if you already have a perfectly well-functioning Switch, Nintendo will also be selling themed carry-cases and screen protectors for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite to the tune of US$24.99. These will be released alongside the Switch console in their respective countries.

▼ The front and back of the case, patterned with the franchise’s distinctive leaf emblem.

Japanese and international fans alike were impressed by the high level of quality and faithfulness to the series’ aesthetic. The Nintendo of Japan announcement was quickly greeted with delight, disbelief, and demands to have that adorable console in their hands right that second.

“Thanks for making it in the Miku Hatsune colors!”
“Soooooo cute! But oh no, I already own a Switch!”
“I heard a new Animal Crossing was coming so I bought a Switch… last week. The colors on this one are so cute. Aaaaaargh!!!”
“It doesn’t say ‘limited stock’. Take your time and buy it whenever you want!”
“The makers must be Tom Nook fans. When will Isabelle get her model?

▼ Sadly, the Isabelle Switch is just a dream at this juncture.

One thing’s for sure: after the long, long wait, we’re ready to sail away to our vacation island filled with cute critters on March 20, whatever console we use to take the trip!

Source: Nintendo of Japan via Netlab
Images: Nintendo of Japan
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