And it’s not just the tame stuff he’s into either.

Sift through the lengthy resume of Samuel L. Jackson, and you’ll get the impression that the guy has a soft spot for American comics and science fiction. Aside from his recurring role as Nick Fury in the Marvek Cinematic Universe, he also famously played Jedi master Mace Windu in the Star Wars prequels.

But how does the lauded thespian feel about the fantastic fiction being pumped out on the other side of the Pacific in the form of anime?

Jackson recently participated in Wired’s Auto-Complete Interview series, in which celebrities Google their names plus an interrogative lead-in, and answer the top queries that the search engine puts together from the prompt.

Google asks the actor if he’s a vegan, what’s engraved on his lightsaber, and how many movies he’s been in (to which he answers “Not anymore,” “BMF,” and “I’m not really sure”). Once he gets to questions beginning with “Does,” the first is “Does Samuel L. Jackson play guitar?” Second on the list, though, is, “Does Samuel L. Jackson like anime?”

Jackson’s answer?

It turns out he can indeed appreciate the artistic stylings of Japanese animation. “Yes I do,” he responds, before adding “Hentai too,” referring to anime of a sexual or pornographic nature. He then gives out a hearty laugh and sticks out his tongue, displaying either his polished acting skills by portraying a creepy otaku, or his well-documented attitude of not being at all concerned about what others think of him.

Actually, Jackson isn’t just a fan, as during the course of his career he’s been professionally involved with projects that have either a direct or indirect connection to the Japanese animation industry. He voiced the titular character and served as a producer on the Afro Samurai anime TV series, and also voiced a character in the 2009 non-Japanese-produced Astro Boy film, based on Tetsuwan Atom, the seminal work of Japan’s “God of Manga” Osamu Tezuka. More recently, Jackson appeared in Kite, a 2014 liv-action adaptation of the then-15-year-old anime of the same name.

Unfortunately, Jackson doesn’t expand on which particular anime he’s fond of, although you can’t blame a guy for wanting to keep some semblance of privacy regarding which specific hentai titles scratch his personal itches.

Source: YouTube/WIRED via Lynzee Loveridge at Anime News Network