Designed to flaunt feminine curves, the virgin-killing sweater will also display manly muscles.

Upon first glance, the garment Japan has dubbed the “virgin-killing sweater” does not look to be, by any stretch of the imagination, a unisex article of clothing. Its wide openings at the edges of torso are literally tailor-made to show off vast, untamed expanses of side boob, and the backless design plunges down to provide an equally revealing view of the top of the buttocks.

As such, in the first photos that surfaced of the virgin-killing sweater, it was being worn by women. But then one male Japanese cosplayer decided to smash through the gender barrier by slipping the sweater on and sharing pictures of how it can help the wearer flaunt massive pecs as easily as it does bulbous breasts.

Things swung back to the feminine side when prodigiously busty model Jun Amaki took her turn in the virgin-killing sweater spotlight, but now another muscular man has donned the outfit.

The Kawaii Bro Cosplay Facebook page is vague on whether the name refers to the individual seen here or a costuming group of which he’s merely one member, but in any case, it’s yet another surprisingly attention-commanding example of the male form wrapped in the virgin-killing sweater.

Kawaii Bro Cosplay isn’t exclusively focused on modeling what were ostensibly created to be exclusively women’s fashions. For example, here’s Kawaii Bro Cosplay dressed as cast members from swimming anime/ab appreciation franchise Free!

And while the costumes of anime/manga Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure may be far more flamboyant than anything most men have in their closets, the series’ muscle-bound characters have also served as muses for Kawaii Bro Cosplay.

A more surprising project choice, though, was the magical girl heroine of Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Apparently, when it comes to choosing who to cosplay as, Kawaii Bro Cosplay’s name is sort of an either/or deal, in that even if the original characters don’t deliver on the “bro” part of the equation at all, as long as they make up for it with plenty of kawaii cuteness, Kawaii Bro Cosplay is happy to dress up as them.

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