Did it just give in to its feline nature, or display a masterful understanding of human psychology?

Curiosity may not always be as life-threatening to cats as the old proverb claims, but it can get them into trouble all the same. Take, for example, Supika, one of two Scottish Folds owned by Japanese Twitter user Ribeshupi.

At just four months old, much of the world is new and intriguing to Supika. One day, while playing around the house, she made her way to the top of a table, either to find out what was up there or to take advantage of the vantage point to gaze out over the rest of her residence.

Unfortunately, while Supika could manage getting onto the table by herself, she hadn’t planned ahead about how to get down. As she timidly peeked over the edge, Ribeshupi snapped a photo and wondered how her cat would get itself out of this predicament.

Despite the circumstances she found herself in, Supika stayed calm…so calm, in fact, that she eventually became sleepy, and decided that even if she had to stay atop the table, she didn’t necessarily have to stay awake.

“So if you’re too scared to come down, you’re just going to sleep right there? Is that how things are supposed to work?” laughed Ribeshupi. The photos quickly elicited a chorus of “So cute!” and “Iyasareru” from online commenters, while others laughed about Supika’s skill at mentally escaping from the pressures of reality.

One Twitter user, though, didn’t think the kitty was merely being silly or adorable, but perhaps extremely clever instead.

▼ “Sleep, get in owner’s way by taking up table space, then have owner carry you back down to the floor. This cat just might be a brilliant tactician.”

In other words, you don’t need agility or daring to get yourself out of a jam, as long as you’ve got plenty of cuteness.

Source: Twitter/@bl0P5v2EKSwW8BJ
Images: Twitter/@bl0P5v2EKSwW8BJ (edited by RocketNews24)

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