We say this definitely qualifies as a “treat.”

Back in August, I came down with a pretty serious bout of bout of homesickness when I saw that a bakery in the greater Los Angeles area was selling Pikachu churros. Tempting as it was to pack up and move home right then, I’m glad I stuck around here in Japan, because now it’s our turn to have awesome new churros, and from an unlikely source: Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Apparently inspired by the imminent changing of the colors of the leaves, KFC Japan is getting into the autumn spirit by adding pumpkin maple churros to its dessert menu. 220 yen (US$2.15) gets you a three-pack of ring-shaped churros and a special pumpkin maple sauce to cover them with (actually, since the pumpkin maple sauce is served separately, you could actually put it on a piece of chicken, too, if you feel like it).


If you’re looking to really stretch your churro-buying budget, you’ll want to opt for the Halloween Barrel, which gets you six pieces of chicken, French fries, and six churros for 1,890 yen, but also allows you to add as many additional churro three-packs as you’d like for the reduced price of just 170 yen each.

The pumpkin maple churros go on sale October 21, and will be available until October 31, meaning you can hand them out to trick-or-treaters and be your neighborhood’s hero.

Source: Entabe
Featured image: KFC Japan (edited by RocketNews24)
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