Come with us as we try these two new packs, which incorporate unique rose petal toppings in deliciously different ways.

Ever since Nestlé Japan opened its first Kit Kat Chocolatory back in 2014, the luxury specialty store dedicated to more high-end offerings has given us everything from liquid nitrogen Kit Kats to pieces covered in dazzling gold leaf.

One of the mainstays in their exclusive range is the Moleson, which takes a single chocolate-covered wafer piece and adds a generous cluster of fruit and nuts on top. Due to its popularity, the Moleson was given a redesign for mass distribution through supermarkets last year, under the label “Mainichi no Zeitaku” (Everyday Luxury), with the carefully laid-out topping replaced with finely chopped pieces embedded on the chocolate’s surface.

Now both these designs have been given a rose petal makeover in time for Mother’s Day this year.

▼ The Moleson can only be purchased at
one of Japan’s Kit Kat Chocolatory stores. 

The new limited-edition Moleson Rouge version comes inside a pretty pink box with rose petals and cranberries on the packaging.

Opening up the pink foil inside reveals a beautiful white chocolate-covered wafer biscuit.

Lying on top of the long wafer finger is a selection of chopped almonds and dried cranberries, interspersed with small rose petal pieces and smothered in a rich milk chocolate.

To add even more of the flavour throughout the whole piece, the wafers have been kneaded with rose powder during the production process, giving them a beautiful pink hue.

Biting into a Moleson is an entirely different experience to biting into a regular type of Kit Kat. This luxurious version has two layers, which means you get to enjoy the crunchy texture of the signature chocolate-covered biscuit along with a softer, more chewy element, due to the dried cranberries.

With the limited-edition Moleson Rouge, the aromatic floral flavour of rose hits you immediately, covering your tastebuds and filling your nasal passages in a similar, yet less intense, way like a Turkish Delight. It’s immediately clear that these chocolates have been expertly crafted, because just as you recognise the rose flavour, it’s immediately taken over by the tartness of the cranberry, before being rounded off with the sweetness of the white and milk chocolate.

Rose can be an overwhelming element when used as an ingredient in sweets, so this remarkable balance of flavours is an impressive feat, making for an extremely unique chocolate.

Kit Kat Chocolatory stores can be difficult to get to, given that they can only be found in eight locations around the country, so in order to ensure that everyone around Japan has access to the new rose flavour, Nestlé Japan has also released a limited-edition Mainichi no Zeitaku pack, which contains their original Everyday Luxury Kit Kat, along with the new rose-topped version.

The pack also comes with a message insert on the back, making it a perfect gift not just for Mother’s Day, but for any occasion at this time of year.

Opening up the pack reveals six individually wrapped pieces, each about the same size as a regular mini Kit Kat, only these come as single wafers.

▼ Rose flavour on the left, original flavour on the right.

The original flavour remains unchanged, with a top layer of finely chopped almonds and dried cranberries acting as a delicious partner to the dark chocolate piece.

▼ The new addition to the range is the
Everyday Luxury White – Rose and Black Tea“.

This one looks absolutely beautiful, with its pink-and-white topping resembling clusters of flower petals.

Inside, the wafers have less of a pink tinge than the Moleson variety, but they still pack a punch. Without the addition of milk chocolate, the aromatic flavour of rose is slightly more pronounced here, with the creamy white chocolate working well to highlight the taste of tea.

Again, the flavours are all incredibly well-balanced, with the rose, almond, tea and white chocolate combining beautifully to create a chocolate that’s remarkably similar to a cup of rose milk tea.

The Moleson Rouge retails for 540 yen, and can be purchased at Kit Kat Chocolatory stores around the country. The Everyday Luxury White – Rose and Black Tea is currently being sold at supermarkets for 292 yen.

Like many of their exclusive releases, these chocolates will only be available for a limited time, with stocks diminishing after Mother’s Day, so be sure to try them while you can!

Images: ©SoraNews24