Loving parent pulls the switch with Nintendo-loving son’s latest creative project.

Japanese Twitter user @mohikan1974 always encourages his kids to think big. Through regular family meetings where his children set goals for themselves (such as finishing their homework or putting their boogers in the trash) and parent/child joint projects like assembling traps to catch Santa, the loving father seems to be constantly nourishing his tykes’ ability to envision and pursue their ambitions.

For example, when @mohikan1974’s son Kazutoyo decided he wanted a laptop, the boy made a mock-up out of paper, going so far as to draw the graphics for a game he called “Adventure of Prince Poop 2” (Prince Poop 1 was apparently an earlier, unpublicized imaginary game).

But once Nintendo released its new Switch home console/handheld hybrid, that became the shiny piece of technology Kazutoyo desired. So once again, he decided to make his own. This time with cardboard and paint, and @mohikan1974 snapped a photo of his son using it to play the brand-new Adventure of Prince Poop 3.

Of course, @mohikan1974 realized that as powerful as Kazutoyo’s imagination may be, deep down inside the kid would really like an actual Switch. So one night, while Kazutoyo was taking his bath, Dad swiped the cardboard Switch and made a slight modification.

“I made it so he can really play games on his Switch,” tweeted @mohikan1974 after stuffing an actual Switch into the cardboard shell his son had made. “I wonder when he’ll notice?”

The realization didn’t take long, as less than an hour later @mohikan1974 shared this photo.

▼ Kid-with-new-video-game-system-joy is a powerful thing.

It already being late at night, Kazutoyo probably didn’t have much time to play before bedtime, but it’s a safe bet that he went to bed looking forward to playing with his suddenly upgraded Switch again the next day. As for Dad? Seeing his son’s overjoyed reaction and knowing he was giving his family happy memories was all the reward he needed, as along with the photo of his smiling son he tweeted “The moment when you think ‘I’m gonna give it my all at work again tomorrow.’”

Source: Jin, Twitter/@mohikan1974