It worked for Journey, why not Kentucky Fried Chicken?

KFC Philippines has launched auditions for an actor to fill the role of the beloved bolo-tie wearin’ baron of browned chicken, Colonel Sanders. Of course, this person would both have to represent the rich culture and diversity of the Philippines as well as the legacy of the holder of the eleven secret herbs and spices.

Auditions were held and naturally such a coveted role brought out three of the Philippines’ finest actors: Ronaldo Valdez, Leo Martinez, and Pen Medina.

First, veteran star of TV and countless movies, Ronaldo Valdez showcases his chameleon-like ability to transform in characters by truly becoming the Colonel.

However, so obsessed with the look, Valdez cut corners when it came to learning his lines.

On the other hand, comedian Leo Martinez puts more of his own mark on the Colonel and schticks it up.

And finally, Pen Medina, who could be considered the Al Pachino of the Philippines brings his considerable acting gravitas to the role. Unfortunately, he thought that Colonel Sanders was literally a military colonel. It’s an honest mistake though.

▼ “And we will not stop until we have achieved…”

The three actors mime savoring the taste of some KFC Original Recipe, dancing, and uttering the timeless slogan: “It’s finger lickin’ good.”

According to the comments, Ronaldo Valdez appears to be the favorite to win this one for his doppelganger-like imitation. However, Leo Martinez does have a lot of support as well, and his more campy take on the Colonel would lend itself well to the light-hearted nature of commercials.

Medina, unfortunately, could never really dig himself out of the hole, but he was my personal favorite.

According to the commercial the winner will be announced on 29 May. It’s a landmark role which will set the bar for future Filipino Colonel Sanders to come. Best of luck to all candidates, and maybe the runner-up could at least get a lifetime supply of fried-chicken finger sheaths?

Source: Facebook/KFC via Nextshark
Images: Facebook/KFC