Following the instructions on the video will take you a mind-boggling 50 minutes from start to finish.

A few tasteful pieces of origami can refresh your living room, or add a touch of Japanese Zen on your work desk to relax your mind. Fun for all ages, origami can range from simple jumping frogs to more complicated ones like the classic crane.

Maker of Japanese pest control products KINCHO took it upon themselves to introduce one that would require all the patience you can muster.

▼ The incredibly difficult origami tutorial,
for when you desperately need to burn 54 minutes of your life.

The video starts off by asking viewers to print an origami template from their website, and it’s fairly straightforward and easy to follow even if you don’t understand Japanese.

▼ You can ignore most of the lines for now.

At about ten minutes into the video, the piece begins to take on a more complex shape. Simple origami usually doesn’t involve as many intricate folding as this. The origami really begins to take shape 20 minutes in.

▼ This better be worth it.

At the 30 minutes mark, the piece looks more like a really cool intergalactic spaceship. Could it be a flying drone? A robot squid?

▼ This is definitely going to turn out really cool.

40 minutes in and what appears to be Gundam antennae start to take form. Oh yes, this looks like it’ll be worth it after all.

▼ What’s cooler than a Gundam? Origami Gundam!

As it turns out, those antennae are actually creepy-crawly legs. It’s the insect that everyone detests, the terrifying bug that has survived countless of eons.

▼ Give me back my spaceship.

Oh cockroach, how I hate thee. This writer took the liberty of folding his very own giant kitchen cockroach in the name of science, and since he wasn’t very good with his fingers, crafting the paper bug took 95 minutes.

▼ You and I are going to be good friends!


▼ Just kidding. Burn, you hellspawn!


The origami template and tutorial video can be found here. We don’t suppose folding this monstrosity will impress your significant other, but perhaps folding animals using paper chopstick sheaths might do the trick. Or you could save yourself the trouble and purchase them from vending machines.

Source: YouTube/KINCHO via KINCHO
Images: YouTube/KINCHO