Twitter user goes from girliest of girls to manliest of men in two minutes flat.

Japanese Twitter, and its Chinese equivalent Weibo, have seen more than a few photos that appear to show cutesy childlike cosplaying girls but turn out to be guys (potentially even your own teacher) with a penchant for cross-dressing. The photos are convincing enough to warrant scores of fans, and even the occasional marriage proposal. The latest one to cause a storm on Japanese twitter is slightly different.

The male stars of previous photos have been, I’d say, more than a little effeminate in appearance. Androgynous enough that in dim light, and through the altered vision of a strong pair of beer goggles, they could be mistaken for a member of the fairer sex even in their day-to-day wear. This time with Twitter user @1293Maron, wash away all the makeup with a good hot bath and what do we have left?

A man, but more than that, a somewhat grizzly manly man. While we’ll never know for sure, perhaps he was inspired by the stunning results of one of our reporter’s first steps into the world of crossdressing.

▼ With just a little bit of makeup, perfectly applied

Were the netizens of Japan outraged, lambasting those duplicitous cosplayers tugging on their fragile heartstrings? Hardly, most were impressed by his makeup skills in character, and his flawless skin out of it with guys and girls asking for makeup tips. At the time of writing there were no marriage proposals, but surely it’s only a matter of time.

▼ Allegedly convincing enough to pass a hostess club interview

Those who commented were fairly evenly split as to which of the two they found more attractive, with @1293Mason seemingly happy either way. Best of all, the post can be considered a public service announcement as @1293Mason graciously gave permission to use his images in tweets should you ever find yourself with a need to tell your followers “my girlfriend got into the bath and out came this old guy.”

The moral of the story, when even a guy with a (bit of a) beard can look like an attractive young lady, is never trust anything that looks too good to be true. Well, you can trust us here at SoraNews24; we’ll steer you right.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@1293Mason