Japan’s Whipped Cream Burger is a fistful of sweet dairy and a mouthful of complete honesty

The most decadent, least healthy, and absolute craziest vegetarian burger we’ve ever tried.

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“We don’t need an age of women” Japanese commercial says, then hits actress in face with cream

“I am me” declares actress in video for department stores that’s sparking debate and controversy.

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X Japan vocalist Toshi becomes a YouTuber, makes Christmas pancakes【Video】

A surprising career turn for the legendary rocker as he reviews a new brand of cream.

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Mr. Sato gets his fill of milky goodness at specialty cream shop in Shibuya

Our reporter had a good time frolicking in this limited-time store.

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Japan’s Beautiful Leg Princess cream promises to make legs look slimmer through visual trickery

Contouring makeup techniques employed in product that’s billed as just the thing for warm-weather fashion.

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Almond cream sticks, our newest snack obsession and neighbor in Tokyo

Recently we took a trip up to Hokkaido, where we enjoyed three of our favorite things: eating delicious seafood, relaxing in a hot spring, and not spending much money on our hotel. Still, we do have one regret, which is that we didn’t get to try the stick-shaped cream puffs called croquant chou, which have taken Japan’s northern island by storm.

Hokkaido is a long way to go just for a dessert, no matter how tempting it may be, though. Thankfully, we don’t have to head all the way back, because a new croquant chou shop just opened up a few blocks away from our office in Tokyo’s Shinjuku.

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