7-Eleven sandwich wins foreign fans so we head out to try it.

Our reporter Seiji Nakazawa loves convenience stores and visits them pretty much every day. However, despite his frequent visits, there are so many products to choose from that some of them naturally fly under his radar, and one of those products recently came to his attention, thanks to a thread amongst foreigners on Reddit.

The product they were all raving about?

▼ The Whipped Cream & Milk Sandwich (345.60 yen [US$2.44]).

Sold by convenience store chain 7-Eleven, this sandwich has been praised by Redditors as a Japanese delicacy, so Seiji was keen to try it. He’s tried cream sandwiches before, but only the ones with fruit in them, so this variety, filled with nothing but rich cream made with milk from Hokkaido, Japan’s primary dairy region, looked totally sinful.

Taking a bite, Seiji’s teeth sank effortlessly through the pillowy soft layers of white bread and whipped cream. The whipped cream was milky and sweet, yet not overpowering, allowing him to taste the sweetness of the bread as well.

Though it looks like a sandwich that might leave you feeling heavy and full afterwards, it was surprisingly light, with a refreshing aftertaste you wouldn’t expect from something containing so much cream.

The taste of the cream and the smooth texture of every mouthful was absolutely divine, and Seiji could see why this sandwich has become such a hot topic online.

So well done again, Redditors! You’ve opened the eyes of a local to the delicacies hiding beneath his nose…just like this eel vendor and New York Pizza joint in Tokyo.

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