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Do you like Monster Hunter? Do you like Attack on Titan? Does the idea of combining the two… excite you?

Well then we have good news! Video game behemoth Capcom is teaming up with the creators of Attack on Titan to release a collaboration Monster Hunter smartphone event. Ready to take down some colossal, steaming, monster-titans? Then read on for more!

What does it look like when Attack on Titan teams up with Monster Hunter? I think this video put out by Capcom does a good job of answering that exact question:

Ready to take down those titan-sized bears and steaming dinosaurs? Here’s how:

The Monster Hunter/Attack on Titan collaboration will be running from November 5, 2015 until 2:00 p.m. on November 19 Japan time. So you have to boot up your copy of Monster Hunter Explore (currently in Japanese only) on your smartphone during that period to play.

You can choose from four different levels of difficulty to take part in the event, and you can go through them as many times as you want. Each time you complete a difficulty, you get “steamed potato points” and other unique items which can be exchanged for exclusive Attack on Titan equipment to use back in the main game.

▼ So you collect lots of these…

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▼ To get these! Ooh, shiny.

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But it wouldn’t be a true Attack on Titan collaboration without some massive enemies to fight. So whenever you play, you have a chance of facing these guys:

▼ Giant Arzuros, who gets bigger depending on which difficulty you chose.
(Note the small, pitiful human for comparison.)

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▼ And the massive, steaming Deviljho will show up in the harder difficulties.
Uh, good luck with that one!

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Ready to hunt some titanic beasts? You can download Monster Hunter Explore at Capcom’s website. The game is currently only available in Japanese, sadly, but the desire to take down massive monsters is something that truly transcends all languages, and we’re sure seasoned gamers will be able to muddle their way through without too much trouble.

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