East Japan’s best food truck? Eating crepes from the winner of the Kanto Kitchen Car Championship

Taste-testing the white crepes of the Tokyo area’s Shironohachi.

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Gelato Pique now serving Halloween crepes this October, may be (almost) too cute to eat

More spooky food to celebrate with!

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Japan’s Gelato Pique isn’t a gelato company, so is their gelato any good?

Mr. Sato’s mistaken assumptions lead to a delicious discovery.

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Sushi Crepes: Will Harajuku’s newest weird food craze catch on in Tokyo?

Conveyor belt restaurant chain restyles itself to fit the Harajuku aesthetic. 

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Okonomiyaki taiyaki: Sweet and savoury combination confuses the senses

We love okonomiyaki and we love taiyaki, but will we love okonomiyaki taiyaki?

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After 3 tries, we finally got to eat purple ice cream and crepes from a popular Tokyo food truck

The truck is only open for five hours a day during the weekend…but we had to have it!!

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Rainbow mille crepes brighten up the food scene in Tokyo

We try the colourful sweet that’s becoming all the rage on social media.

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How to make a no-bake mille crepes-style cake with cheap combini chocolate wafers【SoraKitchen】

Fancy cafe style from simple convenience store snacks.

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Starbucks Japan serves up drinkable banana crepes【Taste test】

There’s a lot going on beneath this bright yellow lid. 

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We head out to Kyoto to eat a delicious crepe crammed with fermented soybeans, rice【Taste Test】

Why hadn’t we thought to stick natto and rice into warm fluffy crepe layers before now?!
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Make your cat cute enough to eat with Japan’s cozy new crepe omelet cat bed

This snuggly sweet wrap will keep your kitty comfy and looks so sugary sweet you might need to brush your teeth after looking at it.

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Oreo crepes and cream puffs coming to Japan as sandwich cookies get their own dessert line

Four new sweets arrive in stores next week.

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What happens when you put a hot crepe on a handsome man’s face?【Video/experiment】

Just how different is life for the beautiful people?

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Paris’ Japanese-style crêperie will take care of all of your cute cravings

Our reporter hops on a plane to Paris to check out Princess Crêpe, a Japanese-style creperie in the City of Lights!

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Japan’s “camellia crepes” look blooming delicious 【Photos】

A rose by any other name may smell as sweet, but a “flower” that’s actually a crepe tastes a lot better.

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This is what a Tokyo crepe with every dessert topping they’d let us order looks like 【Photos】

Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood means different things to different people. The beautiful people living the Japanese high life are drawn by the brand-name jewelers on the tree-lined Omotesando boulevard. Teens, meanwhile, flock to the narrow Takeshitadori shopping street to score up-to-date fashions that leave their parents scratching their heads in bewilderment.

And for those with a sweet tooth, Harajuku is all about the crepes.

Our intrepid Japanese-language correspondent P.K. recently took a break from seeing how many slices of roast pork or boiled eggs he could cram in his stomach and instead decided to see how much dessert he could consume in a single serving, as he decided to max out a Tokyo crepe by ordering one with every available dessert topping.

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In marketing, it’s important to deliver on the various components of the expectations you create. For example, if I advertise an apartment as having a toilet and shower, but after you move in you discover it actually only has one of those, you’re going to be pretty upset, right?

Likewise, we imagine a lot of people were excited when they heard about this video spreading around the Japanese Internet, where it’s been described with the lead-in, “The sexy ice cream stand girl in Taiwan that everyone’s talking about!” After all, ice cream and sexy people are two of the most popular things on the planet.

But it turns out that breathless description is only half-true.

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Oh, crepe! We discover a pastry vending machine at the airport

You might think there’s no reason to fly to Fukuoka. After all, the Shinkansen line now stretches all the way to the biggest city on the island of Kyushu, and those spiffy new first-class long-haul bus seats are about ready to make their debut. Why bother taking to the skies when you’ve got two perfectly good terrestrial travel options?

Simple: so you can get a crepe from a vending machine at Fukuoka Airport.

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Baked Kit Kats now showing up in cakes, parfaits, and crepes across Japan

In the four months since we got our first taste of baked Kit Kats, we’ve been enjoying as many of them as we can. Still, sometimes our sweet teeth are at odds with our lazier tendencies, and we can’t be bothered to cook the things ourselves. Plus. Lately we’ve started feeling a little guilty for neglecting all the other desserts we love.

So we were happy to find out that Nestle Japan is currently recruiting restaurants to combine baked Kit Kats with cakes, parfaits, and crepes, and the results are already hitting plates and bowls across Japan.

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Crepe made with Kyoto sweets and green tea is the perfect treat after a day of temple hopping

With its quiet gardens and tranquil temples, you might think that Kyoto is strictly the domain of serious ascetics. Japan’s former capital is a city with well over a million residents, and attracts visitors from all over the world. With so many people milling about, there are plenty of people looking for a little indulgence, and while for some that means a stiff drink served by a monk, others are looking to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Japan has a long-standing love affair with crepes, and during our recent visit to Kyoto we found a uniquely tantalizing version of the rolled pastry that incorporates both green tea powder and Kyoto’s most famous traditional Japanese sweet, yatsuhashi.

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