McDonald’s adds a Mint Chocolate Oreo Frappe to its menu in Japan for a limited time

It’s a Choc Mint Party, and we’re all invited!

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Pizza Hut’s new Oreo pizza is like nothing we’ve ever eaten before

What you’d get if street food, biscuits and pizza had a child together.  

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Let’s try making our own Chinese McDonald’s Oreo-Spam burgers!【SoraKitchen】

Well, maybe see how it went for us before trying it yourself at least.

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McDonald’s releases an Oreo and Spam burger for a very limited time

Is tinned meat and chocolate cookies a hellish combination or a match made in heaven?

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Sakura Oreos set to blossom in Japan this spring and fill our hearts/stomachs with happiness

Two very Japanese Japan-exclusive flavors added to cookie lineup.

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Panda sightings in Tokyo cause frenzy on social media

After reading reports of an escaped panda on the streets of Tokyo, we headed out to find out what was going on.

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Japan’s new imitation Oreos are here, but how do they compare to the made-in-China real deal?

Company that previously produced made-in-Japan Oreos is back in the sandwich cookie game, and our reporter Meg is ready to score the fight.

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Oreo crepes and cream puffs coming to Japan as sandwich cookies get their own dessert line

Four new sweets arrive in stores next week.

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Artist carves cute Studio Ghibli characters into Oreo cookie filling 【Video】

Who can resist scrumptious Oreo cookies, especially when they’re inscribed with our favorite Ghibli anime characters? Read More

Taste the beginning of the end for Japanese Ritz: Wasabi & Cheddar / Tarako & Cream Cheese

Only a few months remain until the Ritz franchise in Japan changes hands and production is shifted overseas. Perhaps this is why we’re being treated to some distinctly Japanese flavors.

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We try the new full-sized matcha Oreo cookies from Japan

The full-sized Oreo sandwich cookie now comes filled with a delicious green tea matcha cream centre.

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New rum raisin-flavored chocolate Oreo bars to go on sale in Japan

Despite the popularity of goodies like Kit Kats and Oreos around the world, most countries sell only the original flavors of such snacks with perhaps one or two flavor variations on the side. This area, however, is where Japan goes totally nuts with novel and often downright bizarre marketing campaigns to introduce the latest flavors of ordinary snacks—just ask anyone who’s ever had the courage to try wasabi Kit Kats or strawberry chocolate-covered shrimp chips!

Case in point, confectionery and baked goods company Yamazaki Nabisco has unveiled its newest flavor of the popular Oreo cookie: rum raisin.

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