A total of 30 Japanese gravure idols, ranging from A-K cup sizes, got together to provide images for the life-sized collection.

If there’s one thing Japan loves, it’s a nice, glossy reference book. Whether it’s young women’s bedrooms or schoolgirls leaping over men firing guns, readers can choose from a wide array of photo books exploring all types of niche subjects, and now there’s a new release honing in on one of the world’s most beloved topics: women’s breasts.

Called the Full-Sized Breasts Reference Book, this photo-filled tome aims to draw attention to the world of bosoms, using busty images from Japan’s most popular gravure idols. And to heighten the realism of the photos, each pair of breasts is full-sized – for reference purposes, of course.


Nanoka, an H-cup gravure idol whose assets appear on the front cover, released this short video ahead of the book’s nationwide release on 2 August. The clip shows that the photo collection really does deliver on its promise of providing readers with images of life-sized breasts.

Nanoka wasn’t the only gravure idol to share photos of the book online, with Eimi Matsushima and Saki Funaoka also bringing the new release to the attention of their followers.

K-cup representative Nonoko promoted the compilation on social media, mentioning that the book also contains data about all the different breasts featured.

The book has been in the works for some time now, with popular gravure idols sharing news of the photo shoot with their followers back in June.

The new release is already receiving a massive amount of support from fans, with customers like this one hoping they’ll continue the series with a nude version in the future.

The Full-Sized Breasts Reference Book retails for 2,700 yen (US$24.44) and is available to purchase from bookstores and online retailers like Amazon Japan.

▼ Story-time has never looked more appealing.

While we’ll have to wait to find out whether there’ll be another photo book release in the future, if they do decide to continue with the series, here’s hoping they all decide to get together for the next launch with a photo party event like these gravure idols did last summer.

Sources: Twitter/@nnk_77, Amazon Japan
Featured image: Instagram/nanoka0707