When cakes are no longer something to be eaten, but to be looked at.

Bakers and pastry chefs are like wizards of the kitchen, working their culinary magic to create desserts that are both delightful for the tastebuds and a treat for the eyes. You might be tempted to sink your teeth into a beautiful Japanese cupcake or some Disney-themed mini-cakes, but maybe you’d twice about taking a bite out of something that’s just too pretty to eat.

Korean Instagrammer Atelier Soo regularly posts such photos of her creations, which consist of blooming flowers atop a cake base. In dazzling colors of red, blue and everything in between, she proves that her desserts can transcend culinary boundaries and become works of art.


What’s astonishing is that all of the flowers are made of buttercream, carefully sculpted so each petal is unique. You can almost feel the incredible amount of time and effort poured into every single blossom.

▼ Atelier Soo also makes breathtaking cupcakes,
setting a fully bloomed flower on each.


▼ This could be the most elegant wedding cake ever.

Atelier Soo also teaches people how to craft the intricate blossoms using various techniques. Her four-week courses focus on shaping a myriad of flowers, from chrysanthemums and cherry blossoms to daisies and poppies.

▼ You can learn how to make cupcakes in her A-course…


▼ …and even more complex designs in her B-course.



▼ Crafting peony flowers at different stages of bloom.

Be sure to check out more of Atelier Soo’s fancy creations on her website.

If someone presented me with such a gorgeous floral cake on my birthday, I’d lock it up in a glass case and stare at it till it grew moldy. Then again, I’d do the same for this these incredible cakes shaped like Pikachu and king crabs.

Source, featured image: Instagram/soocake_ully
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