Whether she’s playing with her siblings or balancing insects on her head, this pup’s toothy grin will have you smiling from ear to ear!

When it comes to cute dogs, we’ve seen plenty of adorable Shiba Inu poking their heads out of bushes and playing on swings, vying to establish their breed as one of the cutest to ever grace the Internet. They’ll have to watch their backs though, because now there’s a smiley pup doing Jack Russells proud everywhere, with a toothy grin that’s already got her and her siblings more than 97,000 adoring followers on Instagram. Called Euro, the pup hails from Thailand, and judging from the pictures being shared online, she’s one of the happiest and cutest pups out there!

▼ Here, the pup greets her followers with a sleepy good morning.

▼ Once she’s awake, she starts the day right with a good brush of the teeth!

Then it’s on to enjoy a day filled with all kinds of hilarious adventures, like playing with flowers…

▼ Hiding inside greenery…

▼ Meeting butterflies…

▼ Pretending to sip root beer…

▼ And balancing sprouts in a sponge on her head.

▼ The playful pup doesn’t mind a bit of dress-up either. Here she is trying out a hat…

▼ And looking sweet in a bonnet.

▼ While here she simply channels a happy old lady!

Some of her best memories are made with family and friends.

Especially when her sister Angie is there to play!

Whatever Euro ends up doing, she always tries to put a smile as big as her own on everyone’s faces!

Even when she’s tucked up in bed after a day of playing, this pup just can’t wipe the grin off her face!

To see more of Euro’s adorable playtime antics, check out her Instagram and Facebook pages, where you can also meet more of her adorable family members!

Source: Net Lab
Top image: Instagram/Eurosaurus