Charge your stomach with some candy after you charge your Suica card.

If you’ve traveled by railway in Tokyo or east Japan, then chances are you’ve heard of the Suica card. Together with Pasmo, it’s the most popular way to pay for trains, buses, and a variety of other things. You just load money onto the card, swipe your way through the turnstiles, and you’re good to go!

It may not sound like much, but the Suica card is actually really cool. The turnstile scanner is very sensitive, so you can just smack your wallet down and it can read the card from inside, not even necessitating taking it out. And many stores accept Suica cards for payment, making it convenient in an otherwise mostly cash society.

Because of this, and thanks to Suica’s adorable penguin mascot, it’s quite popular. In fact, it’s probably the only card-brand I can think of that has its own chocolates, as recently shown off to the world by Japanese Twitter user @hagkichi here:

“The Suica penguin chocolates are cute!
What I really wanted was the case, but what’s inside is seriously cute too.”

Well it seems like your impulse purchase still turned out pretty well then, netizen! Why not just use the chocolate case as a card case when you’re done devouring the penguin chocolates? The chocolate smell might even linger for a few days, bringing back fond memories of chewing away on chocolate penguins.

Here’s what other Japanese Twitter users thought of the case:

“What is that?! I want it!”
“The candies looks so delicious and smooth.”
“I am definitely buying those as a souvenir next time I’m in Tokyo.”
“They should mix in some white-colored ones so we can use them as Go pieces.”
“I don’t think I’d be able to eat them, they’re too cute….”
“W-where can I buy these???”

To answer that question, the tins are available at a candy shop called Anfan in Tokyo Station near the Maru no Uchi south exit. It comes with sixteen chocolate pieces and costs 756 yen (US$6.80). If you want one though, get there soon; they’re only selling them until the end of September.

But if you do end up missing out, you can attempt to console yourself by trying to scrounge up some Suica penguin cake or Suica bread.

Source: Twitter/@hagkichi via Togech
Featured image: Twitter/@hagkichi