Dozens of pieces, including urine stream, bundled in set of adult goods for anime figures to pose and play with.

Ostensibly, companies make and sell anime figures so that fans of a certain series or character can own and display a physical representation of their passion for a work of fiction. However, some purchasers don’t have such lofty artistic notions in mind, and instead simply buy them in order to bust a nut.

Because of that, anime figures are already a pretty hyper-sexualized merchandising sector, with some pieces obviously designed to invite lustful gazes, if not lascivious caresses. But for those enthusiasts who find the overt sexual innuendo quotient of their figures to be insufficient, they can now equip their anime toys with to-scale sex toys.

Online retailer Native Store’s name sounds innocent enough, but it’s actually an abbreviation of “Naked & Creative,” befitting its status as a seller of adult goods. One of its newest items is the Z:GO Series Act 1 set of figure-sized sex toys, produced by manufacturer Progress.

The 28-piece collection includes a variety of dildos and anal beads. Native Store especially wants to draw shoppers’ attention to the fine details such as the replica vibrator’s on/off switch and handcuff chain links, as well as the light-reflecting clear pieces, such as the stream of urine and resulting splash.

“There is no pre-set use for these items. How you play with them is up to you,” says Native Store in its description for the product, which went on sale at the end of August. Some unabashed Twitter users have already begun sharing their ideas for putting the accessories to use.

Aside from the obvious use of putting figures into sexual situations and recreating scenes from unlicensed dojinshi comics, at least one customer says he plans to use the miniature sex toys as art references when drawing, as he’s too embarrassed to go out and buy a stockpile of actual for-humans adult goods.

The “Act 1” portion of the Z:GO Series Act 1 name implies that Progress is planning to release other sex toy collections in the future. For now, though, there’s just the one, which is available on Native Store’s not-safe-for-work site here, priced at 3,240 yen (US$29). Individual customers are limited to 10 sets, so if you find yourself needing more than 280 sex toys for your anime figure collection, you’ll need to enlist the help of a friend.

Source: Otakomu
Featured image: Twitter/@akiyuki178