Aoki’s Pizza

Japanese pizza chain releases spooky Zombie Pizzas for Halloween

Aoki’s Pizza is back at it again with their annual zombie pizza.

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Japan now has a giant pizza sandwich called Meat Mountain, packed with 18 different types of meat

A mountain we can definitely conquer.

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Japanese pizza chain makes headlines with weirdly wonderful fish-shaped pizza

The feast inside this fish’s belly is just as surprising as its pie-crust casing.

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Horror pizza lives! The Bloody Zombino returns to Aoki’s Pizza

But we left that pizza chained to the bottom of Crystal Lake last year… How could it?!

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“Akakara Cochin meatball pizza” is the latest collaboration pizza in Japan, actually looks pretty good!

Aoki’s Pizza, the Japanese pizza chain which brought you last year’s chocolate and pineapple-topped Black Thunder pizza, is teaming up with fellow Nagoya-based Akakara (a popular nabe chain) for another wacky yet oddly appetizing-looking menu item: introducing this year’s “Akakara Cochin [a breed of chicken] meatball pizza.”

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Japan serves up yet another weird pizza, this time topped with cookie-filled chocolate bars!

No one ever said pizza couldn’t be sweet, right? Well, certainly no one in Japan! We’ve already introduced to you the high-sugar Kit Kat pizza and caramel marshmallow pizza, and now we’ve heard that Aoki’s Pizza, a chain based in Japan’s Tokai Region, will soon be offering up a unique creation of its own: the Pizza Black Thunder!

Could this chocolate and cookie laden creation be the ultimate sweet pizza?

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