Changeover takes less time than the anime heroine’s transformation sequence.

Pretty much everyone knows that the star of Sailor Moon leads a double life, splitting her time between the humdrum days of ordinary junior high school girl Usagi Tsukino and fighting-evil nights of the anime’s titular heroine. But the truth is that Usagi actually has three identities, as she’s also the reincarnation of celestial aristocrat Princess Serenity.

Multiple identities also just happen to be the specialty of Nephi Garcia, also known as Designer Daddy. As we saw last month, Garcia crafts amazing two-in-one quick-change dresses, many of which look like something a Disney Princess would wear. His latest creation, though, is a salute to animation from the other side of the Pacific, as it transforms from Sailor Moon’s pleated combat outfit to Princess Serenity’s elegant gown in mere seconds.

▼ The dress’ demonstration video

Dedicated fans know that Sailor Moon’s costume evolves through a series of designs over the course of the series, and Garcia’s creation is based on the Super Sailor Moon version, which features a number of gold-colored accents.

This is the first anime-themed dress Garcia has offered for sale through his website, and unlike his for-kids garments, this one is for grown-up Sailor Moon fans. A downside is that in addition to being highly fashionable and innovative, the dress costs US$1,800. But then again, all of Garcia’s dresses are luxuriously made-to-order, and since we’ve never seen any other transforming Sailor Moon dresses to compare this one’s price tag to, we can’t really say it’s overpriced.

Orders for the dress can be placed here directly on the Designer Daddy Studio website, which also states that the production process for Garcia’s garments can take up to five weeks. That means you might not have your Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity dress in time for Halloween, but with anime conventions and fan events going on throughout the year, you should have plenty of opportunities to wear it even after October.

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Source, top image: Facebook/Designer Daddy