Nobody likes a copy-cat, or even, it seems, a copy Shiba Inu dog.

It’s said that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but try telling that to any small child who knows the perfect way to wind someone up is to copy them, or to this Shiba Inu who’s singularly unimpressed at being mocked by a toy. While Shiba Inu, originally bred as hunting dogs and known to be a cartoon Tazmanian Devil-like whirlwind of destruction, are not a breed to shy away from a fight, this particular dog managed to have an argument with itself, thanks to a toy that recorded and replayed its barking. Twitter user @daifuku_channel captured the hilarious exchange on camera.

▼ Make sure to watch with the sound on, for the full effect.

Despite witnessing the face of rage, Japanese Twitter users were falling over themselves laughing at the faces the Shiba Inu pulled, alternately angry and surprised to have met its match. Whether the poor pup thought they were being challenged by a defiant youngster, as we all think our voices sounds different on tape, or decided the trickster was making fun of them is unclear, but either way the video shows the real Shiba Inu is not backing down.

▼ The mimicking toy sent this Shiba Inu barking mad.

▼ The way it tentatively stretched out a limb to prod its fallen but not yet motionless opponent also had viewers guffawing.

▼ As angry as it was, Twitter users detected a look of concern on the Shiba Inu’s face after its fierce barking toppled the young pretender.

The video is further proof that the Shiba Inu cannot be taken seriously, as whatever mood it’s in, it just looks adorable. Whether they’ve ripped your salary to shreds, got themselves stuck in a bush, or are just being themselves, they can’t help but illicit affection. Perhaps that’s how the Shiba Inu works when hunting, its prey rendered immobile by smiling and sighing at their cute little smooshable faces.

Source, images: Twitter/@daifuku_channel